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“For the saints, the things that oppose them are good, because they can overcome them and in overcoming them gain glory before God.” – Origen

In terms of Abrahamic eschatology, crossing over the collective sin of the world, of one’s own making, and of the making of others, of individuals and of institutions, is all critical to the salvation of God’s creation. Because “one just person counts as much as the whole world”, Origen cautions that:

“The rest are also to be crossed over quickly, that we might become ‘meek’ (Mt. 5:5) and also remains ‘peacemakers’ and thus become able to bear the name ‘sons of God’ (Mt. 5: 9).”

Every person counts. And every person kindled, in turn kindles others. And this kindling is critical to our collected salvation, a situation not fully focused upon in this present era.  As St. Anthony the Great sets clearly forth: “From our neighbor is life, and from our neighbor is death. Therefore, if we win our neighbor, we win God, but if we harm our neighbor, we sin against Christ.”

And St. Basil the Great adds by asking:

“If I live alone, whose feet will I wash? What scope will a man have for showing humility if he has no one before whom to show himself humble? What chance of showing compassion, when cut off from the fellowship of other men? The Lord washed the disciples’ feet. Whose feet will you wash?”

Redemption, Reconciliations, Restoration, are slow processes that are won once small step after another. And all begin with that first step.