[Sacred Time] is ultimately about purpose…. The intriguing thing is, that if you take Schweitzer’s understanding of the rôle of Christ, he sees Christ as throwing himself against the wheel of Time. That Christ’s sacrifice is to break the power of Time. Ironically, The Apocalypse undoes that, and actually, I think, rolls over Christ. Almost Christ is ignored; the Christ we can find in the Gospels is almost totally ignored by The Apocalypse, in favor of … a futuristic, militaristic, vicious ruler. So I would argue that [re:] Sacred Time… the Christian understanding in the Gospels is that Time is individual; The Apocalypse is that it is societal.

— Martin Palmer, Theologian and Director of the International Consultancy on Religion, Education, and Culture [From the podcast: BBC Radio 4, “In Our Time: The Apocalypse” (17 July 2003)]