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On the Nature of Hosea, 10:14

[Photo taken by my grandfather, on the day of liberation, Nordhausen Concentration Camp, 12 April 1945.]

“On the twenty-third of Iyar they attached the community of Worms… Those who remained in their homes were set upon by the steppe-wolves who pillaged men, women, and infants, children and old people… The enemy devoured the children of Israel with open maw.

“Seven day later, on the New Moon of Sivan– the very day on which the Children of Israel arrived at Mount Sinai to receive the Torah–those Jews who were still in the court of the bishop were subject to great anguish. The enemy dealt them the same cruelty as the first group and put them to the sword. The Jews, inspired by the valor of their brethren, similarly chose to be slain in order to sanctify the Name before the eyes of all, and exposed their throats for their heads to be severed for the glory of the Creator. There were also those who took their own lives, thus fulfilling the verse: ‘The mother was dashed in pieces with her children.’ [Hosea 10:14]”

– from CHRONICLE OF SOLOMON BAR SIMSON, c. 1140 (describing the massacres of Jewish communities in the Rhineland in 1096, by participants in the First Crusade, 849 years before the liberation of the Nazi death camps, and the end to the Twentieth-Century genocide of European Jewry.)