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Loving Father,

send down your Spirit

on this home,

and sanctify this space and all gathered here.

Grant these loving people the

sacred space necessary

to grieve fully.

Grant those of us

standing with them

the attentiveness necessary

to act as your holy sentinels,

quietly watching over

this special time,

lending of ourselves all that is right

and all that is asked for.

In Jesus’ name.



O Triune God of Love

take from our bloodied hearts

the “why’s” that we cry

out into the night

that come back to

us, as echoes


Take them all—

and grant us

in return

the sanctuary of


to sit

in our lament

and to cry open our souls

waiting in our hurt

for the Spirit

to come once more, and to fill us.

Give us the strength

to cry out, deep into the night.

Give us the patience, dearest Father,

to wait for Your loving Grace.

In Jesus’ name, the living Christ.



Christ before us,

Christ behind us,

Christ to the left of us,

Christ to the right of us,

Christ surrounding us,

help us create the sacred space

of memory.

Dear Lord,

intercede for us,

and ask Your Father in heaven,

to give us the flames

of light to kindle

the vivid images

of our friend who has gone from our sight.

We ask you to be with us as

we honor his memory in our

words and in our song.

Steady us, sharpen our minds,

round out the edges of our regrets,

and fills in the gaps of our


Help us Lord to pay tribute to your

adopted brother, your Father’s

adopted son.

We ask all of this, out of joy and

thanksgiving for our friend,

and for all that he gave us

to grace our lives.

In your loving name.



Loving God,

Guide her back into the land of the living,

let her go from her time

spent apart in grief.

Let her go with her memories

and her loss.

Let her go with the absurdity

of all she has had to bear.

Let her go to a new beginning.

Let her go with the love of us around her.

Let her go with the light of Your Love.

Let her go with loving memory

of her husband, her lover, her best friend.

Let her know he is resting in Your Light eternal.

Let her grow into the life around her,

Let her go into the warmth of the Light.

In the love of God the Father,

In the love of God the Son ,

In the love of God the Holy Spirit,

In loving love of All Three pouring out as One.