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When the letter 'C' goes missing.  San Juan Bautista USA, June 2013.

“In actual fact we can live nowhere else than in chaos–in a chaos compensated through orders…

“Simplicity means implication. It is the point of departure of all explanations and all constructions pertaining to theoretical complexity, which has to ‘correspond’ to the complexity of the world. This is something that we can always learn from classical metaphysics, because when it speaks of the One, it understands an unfolded, total implication–God as a point.

“In any case, it is my conviction today that people cannot do otherwise than to re-center themselves constantly in the being-amidst, supposing that they are not totally beside themselves and do no more than stumble from one hypothesis to the next… Of course, I respect others when they hark back to religious codes to describe their regeneration, but one can. and also must, express it differently. The main reason for which I advise against speaking about gods and their reintergration into the modern world consists in the face that after all the experiences that have been had with this type of discourse, the ‘return to’ becomes stronger that it needs to become for orators and listeners. In this relation, the gods are not what we lack, wince they are actually great simplifiers. WHAT IS MISSING IS AN ART OF THOUGHT THAT SERVES AS AN ORIENTATION IN A WORLD OF COMPLEXITY [emphasis added]. What is missing is a logic with enough power and versatility to accommodate complexity, indeterminacy, and immersion. If we want this logic, we must change the reading list…..

“The murderous ideologies of the 20th century are… nothing other than desperate endgames of bivalency, and militant denials of complex thinking…. I would rather speak of informal intelligence, because it includes poetic philosophies not to mention types of thought which are invested in works of art [cf., the songs of Mār Efrêm Sûryāyâ; cf., Evdokimov’s work on iconography].”

– Peter Sloterdijk, from the last pages of NEITHER SUN NOR DEATH (English edition 2011)