A Prolegomenon in lieu of an About

This site is intended to be much like a shoebox, filled with bits of visual scrap, coinage from foreign countries, and unused postage stamps.

This site is hoped to be like a card file, full of excerpts from the wisdom of others.

This site is meant to virtually come to be like a shelf in a bookcase, on which is to be found old, collected cahiers, half-written, half-forgotten, that measure slowly the trajectory of one person’s process.  Informal.  In pencil.  With rub-outs, and frayed, yellowed pages.

This site is a point of departure.

This site mirrors a path along a life, intersecting with so many paths, so many lives.

This site is open to all and is to be all open-ended.  Like some sort of promissory note: without the possibility of a singular outcome.

In the tradition of a pilgrim taking a first step, and then another.

As we take steps along our respective paths, feel free to keep connected, by “clicking” on the FOLLOW button, to be kept informed, to help us all correspond and benefit.

Feel free to comment.

To move straight to the heart of any matter, simply type a keyed word into the SEARCH to arrive right where you want to be.



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